Hemp and the use of it are older than the written word.

Analyses of archaeological excavations testified its use several thousand years ago – mostly in Eastern and South-eastern Asia. Philosopher and farmer Shennong was the first to speak about the value of hemp as a plant: he showed us that ropes and clothes can be made of hemp and that hemp oil and seed could be used in nutrition. Research has proved that hemp was used in construction, for domestic use and for healing even as early as several thousand years ago in Africa. Hemp is a plant which – due to its height - was used in most parts of the world.

Mostly so where trading roads passed by and goods were exchanged. Hemp was not used only as a construction material and for domestic use. Paper was also produced of hemp, since its tissues have an extremely good quality: they are resistant, flexible, refined and waterproof. Such paper was used for official documents. The US Declaration of Independence, e. g. was written on hemp paper. Hemp was also used for the production of banknotes. The tissues, which served as a basis for the production of fabrics, gave the final product an excellent protection from heat in summer and a good protection from cold in winter. Fabrics made of hemp regulate the temperature of the body, and are extremely hard-wearing. The first Levi's jeans were made of hemp fabric.

Several thousand products can be made of cloth, which gives the plant an extremely large all-round use and thus this plant presents a competition to different other materials. The plant itself, with its broad spectrum of use, offers large opportunities in the field of human labour all around the world as well and we must not neglect the fact that this wonderful plant cleans the soil of all poisons and is thus suitable for areas, where the soil – due to conventional farming – is devastated and has lost its natural smell.

In Slovenia we have quite some areas, where the soil is largely affected already, yet the awareness of farmers is improving and thus the soil is slowly getting back its smell and its cleanliness. Nevertheless we are still far away from a perfect condition of our soil.

In Slovenia, as well as in the EU, the importance of hemp is growing, yet the percentage of this plant that we receive from the eastern parts of the world is still very high: an estimated 90%.

The stigmatisation of hemp due to certain lobbies, as well as the false classification of the plant after the year 1937, has made the plant, as well as the people who could have used it to help themselves, an irreparable damage.

In fact, according to the second paragraph of Article 28 of the Single convention on narcotic drugs from 1961, hemp was excluded from this convention and is not being classified as a medication any longer. Therefore it has been unjustifiably stigmatized as a narcotic, even if used for industrial or domestic use. Everyone, who plants hemp for their own use or in order to help someone else, and is being seen as a criminal by the executive branch of power in their counties, and thus being stigmatized, is being treated unjustifiably and against the law. No lethal case has been proven throughout the world due to the use of hemp, since an overdose is not possible. In the part of the brain which controls breathing and cardiovascular function, there are very few receptors which react to cannabionids. The substances in hemp function synergic, which does not only show in a larger effectivity, but in safety as well, since CBD (cannabidiol) functions as an antagonist of the CB1 receptors at thus lessens the psycho-activity of THC (tetrahydrocannabiol).

I decided to offer this beautiful and very useful plant to a large number of users. For this purpose I use the species Cannabis Sativa – without any of its subspecies and different variations. Cannabis Sativa in its greatness works synergetically and has to be treated as a whole. The complementarity of various components in the plant itself, give it its actual power, which then can be seen either in our body, on our body or else in combination with other substances. We must not neglect the fact, that in synergy with the rest of the flora, hemp part of what nature and mother Earth offer together. Hemp existed on this planet before humankind and will exist here even after us. What remains is the question how we will use this beautiful plant during the time of our coexistence on this planet and recognize its importance.


Due to its cannabinoid system, hemp is a unique plant, since its cannbinoids are identical to the receptors, produced by the cells of vertebrate. All vertebrate – among which humans belong as well – have endocannabinoid systems, which means that our bodies create cannabinoids which are extremely important for the protection of our cells. If we lack cannabinoids, and thus protection for our cells, the immune system collapses and consequently an autoimmune disease appears. Every human body is an individual and thus creates its own endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid receptors in our body serve as links for binding cannabinoids that are produced by the body itself, according to its needs. Cannabinoids protect the cells and thus also lift their energy levels – as well as those of the tissue. Cannabinoids are lipophilic fats, which activate different changes in cells. These changes can be noticed in the rise of the energetic potential of the cells, and thus the enlargement of its resistance, since the cells are now capable of defending themselves again. Hemp contains more than 1200 different components, among which there are more than 140 cannabinoids.  


The description of each single component means extracting those components which have not been researched enough yet. Thus the glorification of those we know very well at the moment is not in our interest, since we want to pass the hemp as such to people - in the cleanest form possible for a certain product. Certain components which are typical for each single product will be described in details, yet this does not mean that all the other components are excluded. Research is being done worldwide on the components of hemp and the efficiency of each single one of them, as well as of the plant as a whole. 



Hemp essence, hemp extracts or hemp resin is extracted according to one of the oldest methods of obtaining substance from a plant: by distillation. A reagent is used to extract cannabinoids and flavonoids, which then are then separated from the reagent by heat. After applying this procedure for several days, only the resin is left, without any reagent. The resin is a 100% concentrate of cannabinoids and flavonoids. It contains more than 140 cannabinoids. The content of cannabinoids and the structure of a certain hemp plant depend on its kind and on the location where the plant grew. In order to find out the content for every kind of hemp, a different analysis is made. This way the percentage of at least some key-cannabinoids can be determined.

Hemp resin can be used as a dietary supplement for external use or as one of the constituent parts of an ointment. The spectrum of efficiency is extremely broad. It biggest capacity is that it can improve the immune system of the body and keep it in a good state. Hemp resin can be used for prevention, as well as for the healing of several kinds of diseases, since it has been proved that it can cure 600 different kinds of diseases. Nevertheless you should consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a specialist, who knows hemp and its substances.

Great healing success has been made with the use of hemp resin with autoimmune diseases, as well as with  fighting bacteria, viruses and other infections. Furthermore skin-problems have been reduced, as well as post-surgery wounds and other kinds of wounds have healed faster with the use of hemp resin. The content of cannabinoids in the resin enhances the energy-level of the cells and thus accelerates the healing process and the re-establishment of the body-balance.



Trichome crystals of hemp are extracted by mechanical extraction of the dry fraction of dry leaves and blossoms of hemp. Besides the cannabinoids, the crystals contain also flavonoids and terpenes. The powder has a very broad range of use: it can serve as a dietary supplement for establishing a balanced immune system or for improving it; it can furthermore be used as an additive for producing ointments, or else as a constituent part of spark pliugs for internal use. Trichome crystals can also be used for preventive and curative measures. In the case of curative use, it is advisable to consult a doctor, a pharmacist or an expert about hemp and its effects in advance.

Trichomes basically have similar characteristics as hemp resin. If we eat it with yoghurt, we need to make sure we eat whole milk yoghurt, then carefully stir the trichome crystals and let it rest for  3 – 5 minutes. We can add different seeds to this, as well as cinnamon or honey. The yogurt must contain enough fat, since the cannabinoids bind to fat and will thus be easier absorbed by the body.



A constituent part of this product is the hemp trichomes and hemp resin, which makes around 20% of the ointment, as well as unrefined organic virgin coconut oil, which stimulates the absorption of the concoction in our body. According to the wishes and needs of our customers, we add other natural ingredients to the ointment, which this way improve its efficiency and versatility. We need to point out that this way the amount of the hemp extract does not diminish. Due to the ingredients the ointment is irreproachable and harmless even if eaten by coincidence. Nevertheless the ointment is basically meant for external use. It alleviates several skin problems, such as irritated skin, allergic reactions, flaky skin, dermatitis, eczema, stings by insects, stretch mark, greasy skin, acne and other skin problems. It is important to point out that the skin as the biggest human organ is daily exposed to different weather conditions. Since our body breaths through our skin, we do not only groom the upper part of the skin, but the ointment goes through the skin and has a regenerative effect on the subcutaneous tissues as well. If the ointment is being applied more often, it penetrates deeper and thus indirectly affects our body internally as well. By applying the ointment to our skin, the balance of the skin is being restored, as well as the balance under the skin.



Hemp proteins are the side effect of cold pressed seeds of hemp.

They contain everything that the seeds contain only that the powder contains more proteins, and the oil has been separated before. The dietary profile of hemp proteins is similar to that of milk, meat and eggs. We can use them for baking bread, cakes, pancakes and before and after a sports training. The proteins can furthermore be used in a way that we add a spoonful of hemp proteins in to milk, juice, water or into a smoothie, then mix and drink it. Hemp proteins are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fibres, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, chlorophyll and essential amino-acids. As a dietary supplement they help to reduce weight and shape the muscles. Hemp proteins do not contain gluten, so they are also suitable for people with allergic reactions to gluten, as well as for those with soya intolerance.



Hemp seeds present a precious source of proteins and several fat acids, which – combined - have a beneficial effect on the human body and provide it with energy. The seeds are carefully chosen and cleaned, then dried at a natural temperature in a shady place.

Hemp seeds are very rich in nourishments such as omega 3 fat acids, antioxidants, amino acids and minerals, as well as in 3-alpha-linolenic acid.

Hemp seeds and hemp oil can be eaten instead of fish, due to their high content of omega 3 acid fats. They are an excellent exchange for fish, which has become disputable lately, because it can contain high amount of mercury and polichlorinated byphenols.

Experts classify hemp as one of the most nutritive foods in the world. Hemp seeds contain a lot of proteins and healthy fats. In average they have 35% of proteins, 47% of fats and only 12% of carbohydrates. Furthermore hemp contains all essential amino acids and fat acids necessary for good health. There is no other vegetable source, where so many essential amino acids can be found in a digestible form of a plant than in hemp. Hemp seeds contain 33 – 37% of absolutely digestible proteins and thus present one of the richest natural sources of proteins.

This macro nutrition is by far not useful only for building up one's muscles. The hemp proteins also have a positive influence on human endurance, they regulate the blood-sugar and improve the function of chemical processes in the brain. They furthermore take care of the nervous system, as well as a faster recuperation and detoxication of the body. Hemp seeds are a clean and perfect source of proteins.



Hemp oil is being pressed from hemp seeds, regardless of the strain of the hemp. Cold pressed, unrefined oil is dark and clear. It has a light green colour and a pleasant taste.

First written records on the use of hemp oil come from China and reach as far back as to the year 3750 B.C.

This oil has a high nutritional value, due to its proportion between the omega-6 and omega-3 essential fats, which is 3 : 1. This proportion is exactly what the human body needs.

Hemp oil is very rich – it contains eight essential amino-acids, many B-vitamins and vitamin E. It helps with preventing numerous diseases, such as cardio-vascular diseases and it eliminates problems appearing due to Multiple Sclerosis or cancer. Since chronical inflammations are frequently the consequence of a weak immune system and Omega-3 acid fats reduce inflammation processes, we propose the use of hemp oil with rheumatoid arthritis, chronical inflammation of the bladder, the kidneys, the bowels, as well as with joint defects and other disturbances of the moving system. Hemp oil helps with the metabolism of cholesterol and prevents the coagulation of blood, since it prevents the thrombocytes to stick together. Hemp oil contains many Omega-3-fat acids and thus presents a great pain-killer. In comparison with other oils, hemp oils have only 9 kcal per gram and contain a low saturation of fat-acids.

Highly saturated oils can oxidise spontaneously and become rancid in a very short period of time. This is why hemp oil should be kept in a cold and dark place – preferably in a dark bottle.

Hemp oil is sensitive to heat. Therefore we recommend using it with cold meals: salads, dressings, cold sauces and spreads. With hemp oil you can improve ready-made meals or use it as an ingredient with warm meals which are not prepared at high temperatures. Hemp oil changes its structure if heated and can become harmful to your health.

Hemp can be included into everyday nutrition in various ways. Most of the regular users of hemp eat it raw. You can whisk 2-4 tea-spoons of hemp oil every morning in your mouth and then swallow them.



Dietary supplements of the trade mark »Hemp liberates«, are products, made of hemp. They are grown on certified organic soil in Slovenia. The entire harvest is taken from the field at a time when the plants are most productive. Then the harvest is dried in a shady place. All further harvests depend on the final product which we aim at. Most of the work is done manually and some by machines. For certain work processes we have constructed the machines ourselves. This way our work has become easier and less time-consuming.


Dietary supplements can be – depending on the product – used alone, or as an addition to meals. You can also use them as a dietary supplement, as a meal on its own or together with other dietary supplements.



The rest of our products is – just like the dietary supplements described above – made of hemp. The difference between our dietary products and others is that ours can be used either alone, or in combination with other natural dietary supplements. With their irreproachable ingredients these products offer an extraordinary broad spectrum of use.

There are plenty of products that are made of  hemp, yet we are still at the beginning and our offer is still limited. We are constantly trying to broaden the range of our products and hope to be able to do so as soon as possible.