Hemp tea

Drinking teas has always be enjoyable with side benefits.

Cannabis has the properties of protecting the nervous system and plays an important role in regulating emotional behavior.

The most common problems we face today are stress, fear, anxiety and depression.

Depression and anxiety are the leading causes of brain inflammation. The most common cause of these is acidification in the body, which is the ideal environment for the onset of all diseases in our body.

In order to avoid acidification of the body, it is necessary to take in a proper diet that raises the ph in our body.
As a result, the state of our consciousness changes, making it easier for us to take the next step,
which is related to our thinking and coping with the situations that come our way in life.

Causes of acidification:

– not enough movement

– malnutrition

– stress in all its forms

– too much sugar

– white foods (flour, starches,…)

Drinking hemp tea, prepared and used appropriately, helps to calm the brain in a milder form, allowing us
to continue the process of regulating the immune system in our body.

The consumption of hemp tea strengthens the lungs, increases air flow and facilitates breathing in the
digestive tract. Cannabis relieves the symptoms of respiratory problems. The aforementioned, physical
activity and adequate nutrition improves the quality of life in our body.

The introduction of cannabinoids into our bodies, according to studies in the journal Pharmacological
Research, lowers blood pressure and regulates circulation. With the help of cannabis, the arteries are
relaxed and expanded. This way, our body is relieved of unpleasant symptoms.

Terpenes and cannabinoids, according to research and experience, relieve symptoms of nausea, which is
caused by toxic substances in our body that are not accepted by the body.

In these cases, hemp tea, hemp terpenes, and so on can be used. Cannabis essential oil, hemp drops with
added terpenes, … Highly recommended for people who have the side effects of nausea after chemotherapy.
(e.g., research by the British Medical Association)

Tea is also suitable for children, pregnant women, teenagers,…


One way to make hemp tea:

– 0,5l of water is heated to approx. 85 ° C

– add about a teaspoon of fat (coconut or cocoa fat, butter, ghee,…) to melt.

Fat is important because of the greater and better transmission of cannabinoids throughout the body. Fat / lipids
are very important for better functioning in our body.

– add about 2 teaspoons of hemp tea

– Cover to keep the essentials / terpenes in the tea and leave it from 20min up to 1h, or more.

The longer you leave the green parts in the water, the more cannabinoids are gradually released from the tea.

Hemp tea 40g: https://www.konoplja-osvobaja.si/en/izdelek/hemp-tea/

You can also use tea for:

– facial care, especially if you cook it with coconut or cocoa fat, which further nourishes the skin in synergy

– You can soak your hands or feet in a hemp bath, in cases of irritated skin

– You can also use it in the occurrence of a diaper rash