Hemp resin has probably been heard of by most of the population on this planet.

The use of the resin of the plant Cannabis sativa L., is known to most as taking for the size of a rice grain under the tongue. But this is just one of many uses. Proper use of “Hemp Resin” is crucial for situations that occur in and on the body.

The basis for our “Hemp Resin” are trichomes obtained from plants that have grown outdoors under the energy of the sun, as is most natural for plants.

Trichomes: https://www.konoplja-osvobaja.si/en/trichomes/

Hemp resin, a broad-spectrum cannabinoid, can be used in several different ways:

  • oral use,
  • topical application,
  • rectal,
  • vaginal use,…

Hemp resin is one of the most important components in our products, for which it is very important to use it in combination with fat, due to its greater absorption into our body. Fat or. lipids as transporters take cannabinoids deeper into the body where they are needed. That is, by taking hemp resin and fat together, we have a higher yield than without fat. Without fat, the yield is small, about 25%.

It is good for hemp resin to have as wide a range of cannabinoids as nature has made. In this case, we can talk about the “entourage effect”. Only in this way can it function properly in the body and give the body the opportunity to begin to regenerate naturally.

Of course, it is important that the process of making hemp resin is properly carried out and completed, and the analysis performed.

The use of hemp resin is very wide.

You can use it for nutritional purposes, cosmetic purposes, medical purposes,…

It can be added to:

  • oils or butters
  • drops
  • ointments
  • cream…

That is to say, there is a very wide range of products available in which hemp resin can be incorporated for various uses.


For the recommended suitable way of using cannabis, we are at your disposal in our store, where we dedicate ourselves to you individually and try to find it together through conversation.